Domain Rating Increased from 11 to 60 in just 6 Months

Traffic increase
Keywords Increase
9 months
Updated date
April 19, 2024

Whenever a new client knocks on your door, the first thing to do is analyze its pain points. 

1. Which pages are they considering priority (for instance, landing pages with high positive metrics change or a home page)?

2. What is our SEO link building strategy with client?
1. Organic traffic increase for target pages
2. Keyword rankings boost
3. Backlink profile optimization

Very beginning of the journey: April

For April, we started with the competitor analysis by investigating the prospects linking to our competitors’ websites (as it is more valuable to get a link from where your competitor has a backlink) that are not linking to our client.

As the second step after filtering our prospects, we started to reach out with the proposal to renew their content or outdated parts of their articles or simply by using link-building strategies like guest posting, broken link building, and skyscraper link building techniques.


All marketers know that SEO is about consistency, and the first month made us notice some numerical increase, specifically if you work with a new website. So here you go!

DR skyrocketed from 11 to 60, enormous, right?

But clients wouldn’t be happy only with the increased DR if there was no rise in organic traffic. So let’s see what happens with other metrics after a few months of consistent link building.


After 3-4 months of effort and pre-designed SEO strategy implementation, we got the following results. The organic keywords they ranked in the SERP escalated from 10 to 208, increasing traffic from about 1k to 19k. DR has risen from 43 to 61 as well.


This link-building case study illustrates significant developments over several months. We commenced our journey in April, delving into the specific niche, analyzing competitors, and addressing client priorities.

Our primary focus was getting worthwhile backlinks from potential sources connected to our competitors rather than clients. We employed various link-building techniques, including content contributions, link reclamation, and listicles.

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