25,246 Organic Traffic Growth in Extremely Short Period of Time

Traffic increase
Keywords Increase
2 months
Updated date
September 18, 2023

There are dozens of AI-powered writing tools, so standing out can be challenging. So, link-building services are highly crucial in this case. What kind of boost was there after our two-month work?

+ 25,246 to traffic
+ 65 to keywords
+ 19 to DR

And all of the results in only two months!!!

When working with our client, we have highly considered the links' quality and the target websites' relevancy.

Starting from 0 DR, thanks to hard work, we have boosted it up to 19. Is a month still a short period to get significant results?

The backlink profile of our client is an excellent example of the efficient work done in a tiny period. Besides the DR boost, there was a considerable development in organic traffic and keyword numbers.

You can definitely get this kind of results as well!

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