178.12% Organic Traffic Growth for a SaaS PPC Agency in Under a Year

Traffic increase
Keywords Increase
7 months
Updated date
September 18, 2023

Our client is a perfect example of why a SaaS PPC agency needs link building services. In less than a year, starting from approximately 600 keywords, the client has experienced 178.12% organic traffic increase, 171.20% keywords increase, and 35.14% DR increase. Consequently, the agency gained more online visibility, credibility, and potential customers.

Yes, and it is quite possible!


The first month is when Google realizes that the backlink profile actively increases, and Ahrefs immediately shows the boost of DR. This was not an exception; we saw DR increase after a few contextual links were built.

As link building concerns long-term results, let’s dive deep into the process. 


The best link via the client's anchor is always from the first websites on SERP. 

Here is the simple formula to find prospects for the new client. After discovering the websites’ pages that are ranking for your client’s page focus keywords, it is to analyze them, get their pain points, and reach out to them with the proposal to fix or to change something on their blog. This is where you add value.

For this type of client, when they were keeping a consistent monthly workflow but low backlink numbers, it is where SEO magic works. We considered the skyscraper technique as the way of getting the maximum possible value. Placing your link on the top of the article ranking high on Google and building your strategy on that particular page can lead to more juicy links to your target page.


Here we go! The results of only seven months.

This case study highlights our client's substantial growth through effective link-building strategies like guest posting and content contributions.

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