Niche Relevant Backlinks: How To Make Better Links in 2024

Elen Mesropyan
24 April 2024
5 min read


Niche relevant backlinks are powerful only if you know how and where to use them. They are not like other links; they hold more power and can give you more advantages. But the big question is, how do you even start making them, and why are they such a big deal? Well, let's jump in with LinkyJuice and explore all the cool stuff about niche related backlinks! 

What is a Niche Relevant Backlink?

Backlinks from the websites of your niche or field are considered niche relevant (also known as niche related or niche specific). It is no secret that niche backlinks are better and more effective than non-relevant ones. They serve as recommendations from the sphere you’re working on by showing search engines that your website is respected and trusted in its niche.

Niche related backlinks can enhance the website's visibility, boost credibility, and create a positive reputation. How does it work? When other websites in your field link back to yours, it helps Google (and other search engines) figure out what your site is about and which keywords to associate it with for ranking. For instance, if you have a website about fitness, you should get backlinks from websites about health, nutritious food, workouts, and exercises. 

These topics are closely related to fitness and will be highly relevant to your website.

How to Define a Link’s Niche-relevance

There are several ways to define if a backlink is relevant to your niche, so let’s discuss some of them:

  • Anchor text: The words used as the anchor text can easily be examined. They have to be relevant to your niche and content. So, you're wondering, "Should I build my anchor on text with loads of keywords?" I'm gonna say "nope" right off the bat. Google Penguin doesn't have any of that anymore and trust me, it's a dead-end strategy. Take a look at this website, which was promoted by an SEO specialist who thought they could outsmart the system.

Google's all about that topical authority, using it as a big thumbs up for credibility. So, anchor text? It's not just there for decoration; it's about giving Google a heads-up on what the linked page is all about.

Search engines are pretty smart; they don't just look at the anchor text. They check out the text around it, too, to get the full picture of what the anchor and the page it's linking to are all about.

We searched on Google "video editing tool" and spotted chillin' in position 14 and hanging out in spot number 3. So, we dive into the anchors of the sites linking to them and notice something interesting. Clipchamp, even with fewer backlinks using "video editing tool" and related terms compared to Veed, is sitting higher and pulling in more traffic. It's a small peek, but it totally shows that just hammering in exact keywords doesn't guarantee a top spot. What really rules is how relevant your anchor is.

Now, here's a cool trick from Nathan Gotch on picking the right anchor text for your page.

  1. “LinkyJuice is a result oriented link building company, trusted by SaaS and S&P 500” (Anchor- LinkyJuice)
  2. “LinkyJuice is a result oriented link building company, trusted by SaaS and S&P 500” (Link building company)

So, here's the deal: we can confidently get backlinks pointing back to our site. But in scenario one, we wrap our main keyword around the anchor for that backlink we're after. In the second case, we go for the exact keyword, which can look a bit spammy if we overdo it. To give Google the idea of what our website's all about without just cramming in keywords left and right.

  • Context: Not only the anchor text but also the surrounding text are important if you want to find a niche relevant backlink. Sometimes, anchor texts are used in a very unnatural way, so it’s an important aspect that should be taken into consideration. 
  • Target audience: Audiences can differ greatly, so it can be very important to ensure that the backlink is coming from a website whose audience is interested in your niche. This way, the referral traffic from the other website can find a lot of value in your content.  
  • Authority: The authority of the website that provides a backlink is essential. Especially if it’s from the same niche, it has to be a respected source in the niche. 

You need to consider all factors if you want to have a niche relevant backlink of the highest quality.

The main reason is that this is not a one-factor identification process for Google.

The Advantages of a Niche Relevant Backlink

When surfing the internet, connecting with the right people is something fundamental. Building niche relevant backlinks is only possible with those connections. Niche related backlinks have dozens of advantages over non-relevant ones. Let’s talk about the main benefits and explain each of them in detail: 

  • Avoiding risk: Niche–relevant backlinks are mainly less risky to build. As getting a backlink from your industry is more natural, the possibility of getting a penalty or a removed backlink is less likely.
  • Improving search rankings: Search engines love niche specific backlinks. For instance, Google will see your site as high-quality if you have relevant backlinks to it. This will lead to enhanced search rankings. 
  • Improving keyword rankings: The same thing works with the keyword rankings. Increasing the number of backlinks on websites that rank for related keywords tells Google that other websites in the same niche consider the content you provided helpful. Additionally, it helps Google comprehend its target audience more clearly.
  • Creating brand credibility: Building niche backlinks improves brand credibility and makes associations with authoritative websites. 
  • Influencing DA and website metrics: All of the points mentioned above will obviously improve website metrics and increase Domain Authority. If the content you create is relevant, the bounce rate will likely decrease, increasing engagement.

These and other advantages, like increased referral traffic and improved niche authority collectively help to build a strong online presence.

Mistakes During Niche Relevant Backlink Creation

Even though creating niche relevant backlinks is a very beneficial practice, there are multiple mistakes you can make. Let’s talk about the most common and harmful ones. 

  • Over-optimization

Using the target keyword as an anchor text is beneficial if you don’t do it too often. Over-optimizing the anchor text can look unnatural and lead to search engine penalties. If you want to create a good backlink profile, you should use various anchors, like branded (e.g., LinkyJuice), keyword-rich (e.g., link building company), and natural anchors (e.g., check here). The diversity of anchor texts improves the organic appearance of your link profile and its effectiveness in boosting your website's search engine rankings.

  • Guest posting on low-quality websites

There are a lot of spammy websites, and creating backlinks from those websites can be a huge mistake and cause a lot of harm. If the site is of low quality, the backlink obtained from that website cannot increase your rankings or reputation. When a link builder relies on guest posting only for links, it can lead to either irrelevant or low-quality content on spammy sites. Guest posts should give valuable information that is written in a high quality. So more than simply getting your niche specific backlink is needed for a high-quality link!

  • Underestimating link diversity

Link diversity is building backlinks from various sources from different types of websites, with various DAs and anchor texts. For a high-quality backlink profile, it is extremely important, even if you’re solely creating niche related backlinks. Creating a diverse backlink profile eliminates the risk of getting penalties from search engines: your backlink profile looks natural and organic. 

Imagine you have a link building agency, and you get a backlink from a SaaS niche website. If the backlink is from a blog post about link creation, SEO, or digital marketing, it is also considered to be niche relevant. So, nothing has to perfectly match, starting from the website niche, to SEO metrics. Similarly, getting backlinks from only high DR websites can be suspicious in Google’s eyes and somehow be harmful in the long term.

Link diversity is crucial for maintaining a strong and healthy backlink profile, which is essential for long-term success in SEO efforts.

  • Not fixing broken backlinks

Not fixing broken links and not checking them regularly is the next common mistake. Monitoring the backlink profile and searching for broken links is a great opportunity to find niche relevant ones. Check out how to conduct a broken link building strategy and improve your website’s visibility. 

  • Avoiding no-follow links

Finally, a huge mistake that is not thought to be a mistake by several professionals is avoiding no-follow links. No-follow links have a number of benefits, from online visibility to referral traffic. Popular niche relevant websites can give you no-follow backlinks, which will be invaluable. Firstly, they contribute to the website's visibility, helping more potential customers find your content. Secondly, they can drive referral traffic from the other website to yours. Finally, getting no-follow niche related backlinks from authoritative websites within your niche can enhance your credibility and reputation. 

Avoiding the above-mentioned mistakes can help you save a lot of time and use your resources as efficiently as possible.

Updates and Trends of Niche Relevant Backlinks in SEO

With the ever-evolving change in user preferences, SEO cannot be stable. There are more and more updates, trends, forecasts, and changes in niche relevant backlink creation. Every specialist should check updates regularly and be adaptive to any changes. A great resource is the Search Engine Journal, which offers news and the latest trends in SEO, PPC, various search engines, Social Media and much more. 

Higher Search Engine Requirements: Search engines are becoming better and more sophisticated, so the required quality of niche specific backlinks also increases. Link builders emphasize their efforts on quality rather than quantity. 

Focus on High User Experience: When it comes to backlinks, the value can depend on how users experience the website they are on. So, the user experience is something every website owner should integrate into their practice. A smooth and memorable user experience can make niche relevant backlinks even more effective.

So, continuous learning, reading, and adapting to changes are very important if you want to be a modern link builder and create niche speciific backlinks. In addition, you can collect feedback and learn how effective your backlinks are. 

The Best Practices to Get Niche Relevant Backlinks

Let’s take a look at some great practices that will help create relevant niche backlinks. 

  1. An excellent practice that will help you create niche backlinks is competitor analysis. By analyzing the backlink profiles of your competitors, you can find great opportunities that are 90% niche relevant. 
  2. Create backlinks on different pages of different websites. Backlinks should not be concentrated on one page of a single website, even if it is a high-quality one. 
  3. Try local link building! Local SEO and link building can be extremely niche relevant when creating niche relevant backlinks. 
  4. Write the content of the best quality. Improve your website with detailed case studies, explore and tell your audience about trends and forecasts. This way you are likely to attract backlinks without reaching out to someone.

Perhaps all of these look too time-consuming and complicated, but creating niche relevant backlinks is worth it!


Now that you know the importance of niche relevant backlinks and the best strategies to build them, you can begin your journey! Niche specific backlinks will help you improve website authority, create a trustworthy backlink profile, and surpass your competitors. 

Just, don’t forget to learn, keep up with updates and improve your knowledge in this constantly-changing field. And if you need help, turn to professionals and enhance your backlink profile! With dedication and a focus on quality, niche specific backlinks can become a game-changer for your online presence. 

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