15+ Best Link Building Tools for 2024

Davit Nazaretyan
18 Jan 2024
5 min read

The helpful instruments that link-builders use to improve a website’s visibility are known as link-building tools. There are hundreds of both specialized and multifunctional instruments out there. Some will help you find emails on websites and LinkedIn; others will assist you with website rankings; several tools will conduct competitor analysis or keyword research. Due to the wide variety of instruments, finding the best link building tools can be challenging, especially when you are new to the field. 

That’s why we have collected the best link building tools one can find online! All of the tools are extremely helpful and have unique features. But first, let’s find out if you need them and what’s their importance. 

The Importance of Link-Building Tools

Like any builder needs tools, a link builder needs instruments to make their work more manageable. With the best link building tools, the work is more productive and fast, and the results are fruitful. Besides, getting connections from other websites is more straightforward if you use instruments to do your job. You can conduct the link insertion process, do further analysis, and keep track of the results. 

So, with the usage of link-building instruments, you will get an obvious advantage over your competitors, making your work simpler and quicker without any effort. 

I think now you’re sure about their importance. So, let’s begin with our list!

The 15 + Best Link Building Tools

  1. Ahrefs

Ahrefs is one of the most popular and best link-building and SEO tools. Ahrefs provides you with a complete link-building profile of a specific website. You can find out Domain rating, URL rating, the number of keywords, and organic traffic. In the tool's dashboard, you can create projects and track statistics. 

Thanks to its multifunctionality, it is also an excellent tool for content marketers. It can be used to provide keywords with high search volume and conduct a detailed competitor analysis. Keyword research can be conducted for Google, Amazon, and YouTube.

Moreover, Ahrefs offers a site audit tool that assists users in pinpointing and resolving technical SEO problems on their websites. This encompasses issues such as broken links, duplicated content, and sluggish page loading times—all of which can impact a website's discoverability on search engines. Such a tool can economize time and money because a manual audit could be costly.

So Ahrefs is an extensive set of SEO tools that will help you improve your content plan, increase any site's visibility, and elevate its performance in search engine rankings. 

Unfortunately, Ahrefs doesn’t have a free plan; it offers 

  • Lite ($99), 
  • Standard ($199), 
  • Advanced ($399), and 
  • Enterprise ($999) plans.

  1. Moz

Moz is the following all-in-one tool for link-builders on our list. You will have a wide range of tools in the free version of the tool. After entering the website domain, you will get the Domain Authority,

linking root domains, ranking keywords, and spam score. The tool also highlights the top pages by links and the leading linking domains. 

Moz offers an essential feature for link builders - bulk checks. So, link builders can save time by reviewing and assessing many links at once. Besides, the Moz tool can determine whether inserted links are do-follow or no-follow. 

With the free plan, you have limited possibilities and only three daily domain checks. Moz has four paid editions:

  • Standard ($99)
  • Medium ($179)
  • Large ($299)
  • Premium ($599)

  1. Buzzstream

Buzzstream is a link-building and outreach tool. It helps you organize and track your emails. You can create well-organized email lists to track the results of your outreach emails. 

The BuzzStream Buzzmarker extension is an extra tool link builders can add to their web browsers. The extension allows you to find any email on the website you’re on.

The tool is straightforward and offers free trials. It can be canceled at any time during the trial period and offers the main features of BuzzStream. You can choose from the four offered plans:

  • Starter ($24)
  • Growth ($124)
  • Professional ($299)
  • Custom ($999)

  1. Majestic

Majestic is another all-in-one platform for link builders. It is specified in backlinks and doesn’t provide keyword research or  SEO analysis. You can get the primary information about the website with the following metrics:

  1. Trust Flow
  2. Citation Flow
  3. Topical Trust Flow
  4. External Backlinks
  5. Referring Domains
  6. Referring IP Addresses
  7. Crawled URLs
  8. Indexed URLs

With Majestic, you can thoroughly scan the website’s link profile. Based on the provided data, finding link-building opportunities is easier for a professional. 

Again, the free version offers a minimal number of features. There are free paid plans:

  • Lite ($49)
  • Pro ($99)
  • API ($399)

​​Lite and Pro plans have a money-back guarantee for new customers.

  1. Pitchbox

If you’re looking for a tool that will make outreach and the overall link-building process easier, Pitchbox is something you’re looking for. It allows connections with individuals for partnerships, marketing, and collaborations. You can control email campaigns, monitor feedback, and establish contacts with potential partners or customers.

Utilizing Pitchbox allows you to focus on developing contacts while spending less time on management and research. You can sign up for a demo if you want to know about all the Pitchbox features. There are two pricing plans to choose from:

  • Professional
  • Enterprise

Prices are constantly changing, so check out the website for more information. 

  1. Buzzsumo

Another great tool that is considered one of the best link building tools is Buzzsumo. It’s a perfect outreach tool with many helpful link building features. Here are some of them:

  1. Content discovery
  2. Content research
  3. Monitoring

Besides, BuzzSumo can be used as a browser extension. It helps you see the popularity of content as you browse. There are several pricing plans to choose from:

  • Content creation ($199)
  • PR & Comms ($299)
  • Suite ($499)
  • Enterprise ($999)

Each of the plans allows unlimited searches. The main difference between plans is the number of users, alerts, and main features. 

  1. BrightLocal

If you’re a local SEO specialist, BrightLocal can be your best all-in-one tool. It allows many features, such as competitive analysis and SERP ranking tracking. It helps link builders with local SEO efforts by providing tools to track local search performance, manage online listings, and analyze backlinks. 

With BrightLocal you can start a 14-day free trial to explore all available features. The app’s easy-to-use interface supports link builders in their efforts to improve local businesses' visibility and credibility online. You can choose from different pricing plans:

  • Single business ($199)
  • Multi business ($199)
  • SEO Pro ($199)

  1. Hunter.io

Hunter.io is one of the most famous email finders out there. A few people know that it can help you with outreach and allows several integrations. For link builders, it is a valuable tool to find the email address of a person or a company and verify any email.

Hunter.io offers several pricing plans as well as a free plan. The free plan allows you to conduct 25 monthly searches, 50 monthly verifications, and regular support. Paid plans have priority support and include domain search: 

  • Starter (€34)
  • Growth (€104)
  • Business (€349)

  1. HARO

One of the top-rated link building tools for SEO is HARO (Help a Reporter Out). HARO is a platform for journalists and reporters, but SEO experts can also use it. Link-builders can respond to journalists' queries with relevant information. This can lead to valuable backlinks and mentions on respected news websites, ultimately boosting a website's visibility and search engine ranking.

There is a basic free plan that gives you media opportunities and support. You can also find three paid plans to choose from: 

  • Standard ($19)
  • Advanced ($49)
  • Premium ($149)

  1. SEMrush

SEMrush is an all-in-one SEO tool for website optimization. It allows you to delve into keyword analysis, track rankings, and monitor your competitors. This tool proves invaluable for link builders.  SEMrush uncovers opportunities for building links and provides insights into your competitors' backlinks. 

Here are the paid plans available for SEMrush:

  • Pro ($129.95)
  • Guru ($249.95)
  • Business ($499.95)

Pro and Guru SEMrush plans offer a 7-day free trial only once. If you pay annually, you can save up to 17% with all paid plans.

  1. Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog is a powerful all-in-one SEO tool, like SEMrush. As a tool for link building, it is designed to examine various elements, including links. Screaming Frog assists in finding broken links, assessing anchor text, and evaluating a website's overall link structure. This information is essential for link builders to enhance a website's link profile and improve search engine rankings.

The total yearly price for Screaming Frog is $259, which increases with the number of users. In addition, you can get Multiple Licences Discount and save money.

  1. Rank Math

RankMath, a powerful SEO plugin crafted for WordPress websites, is versatile in enhancing website visibility and boosting search engine rankings. This tool empowers you to fine-tune your content for particular keywords, scrutinize on-page SEO elements, and even create XML sitemaps to amplify your website's overall SEO effectiveness.

For link builders, Rank Math provides tools that can improve your website's rankings. This, in turn, might draw more links from other websites. It's a way to enhance your site's visibility.

Rank Math has a free WordPress plugin and paid pricing plans:

  • Pro ($5.75)
  • Business ($19.08)
  • Agency ($45.75)

  1. Respona

Within the SEO link building tools, Respona has its essential place in the modern market. This ultimate tool is perfect for conducting quality outreach. It allows you to create connections easily and quickly. Respona simplifies link-building by pinpointing websites and influencers pertinent to your industry. This platform streamlines outreach, facilitating seamless connections and the acquisition of valuable backlinks to enhance your content's visibility.

Respona offers two pricing plans with a 14-day free trial:

  • Starter ($197)
  • Unlimited ($399)

In addition to link building features, Respona also has Relationship Management features and a number of integrations (Ahrefs, SEMrush, Zapier, Microsoft, and more). 

  1. Linkody

Linkody is a great link-building tool that will help you discover new opportunities and monitor backlinks. As one of the best link building tools for SEO, it can optimize the whole working process, from the outreach to tracking the effectiveness and analyzing the results of the campaign. In addition, Linkody provides alerts for lost backlinks and new ones. This way, you will stay up-to-date with your link-building efforts.

Linkody offers a 30-day free trial and the opportunity to pay for the tool monthly or yearly. There are several plans available:

  • Webmaster (€13.90)
  • Advanced (€22.90)
  • Pro (€45.90)
  • Agency (€90.90)
  • Agency XL (€138.90)

With the monthly payments, you will have discounts and get nearly three months of services for free.

  1. NeverBounce

NeverBounce is a unique tool that will considerably optimize your email lists. The main features of NeverBounce, Bulk Email List Cleaning, and Real-time Email Verification are essential for any link building professional. The name of this tool ensures that you will not get a high bounce rate and that your emails will be active and valid. 

You can choose between paying for only what you use and automated cleaning. In the first case, you enter the number of your emails and pay per email. With the automated cleaning, you can have your list cleaned every day. With NeverBounce you will also get a discount for the yearly payments and can save 20%.

  1. Saleshandy

Saleshandy is the ultimate link building and email tool with several helpful features. Here are some of them that can be used both by a beginner and an expert:

  1. Auto follow-up
  2. Email sequences
  3. Email warm-up
  4. Unified inbox
  5. Email deliverability toolkit
  6. Email tracker
  7. Linkedin email finder

For link building specialists, SalesHandy can assist in monitoring email outreach efforts, explore link building opportunities, track when the emails get opened, and follow up strategically. This approach can significantly enhance and advance the prospects of building valuable links for any website.

Saleshandy offers different pricing plans for different purposes:

  • Outreach Basic ($36)
  • Outreach Pro ($99)
  • Outreach Scale ($199)
  • Outreach Scale Plus100k ($299)

These monthly prices can also be paid yearly with a 30% discount. Additionally, each of the plans offers a 7-day free trial.

  1. Apollo

The last, but not least tool on our list is Apollo. In fact, Apollo primarily focuses on providing business data and contact information for sales and marketing purposes. Link builders can easily use this data to identify link building opportunities. Link builders can reach out to potential partners and build secure backlinks to improve their backlink profile.

Apollo is one of the few SEO link building tools that offers a free plan with unlimited email credits. In addition, it offers three pricing plans: 

  • Basic ($49)
  • Professional ($99)
  • Organization ($79)

For all paid plans there is a 15-day free trial available. Indeed, Apollo also offers discounted prices for annual billing (20%). 


It was a long ride, and you’ve already learned more than 15 tools for link building! Depending on your goals and objectives you can choose from the multiple helpful solutions that will enhance your work as a link builder. Whether you need to improve your outreach process, clear your email list, or track your work results, there will always be a suitable tool. 

What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?”- Vincent Van Gogh. 

Don’t be afraid to test and explore new tools, especially in this always-developing digital age. Grow and improve your knowledge with LinkyJuice!

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