Are .edu Backlinks Good for SEO? A 101 Guide for 2024

Davit Nazaretyan
24 April 2024
5 min read


You have probably heard and read a lot about backlinks. They can improve your website's visibility and ranking in search engine results. But do you know that there are different types of backlinks out there? One of the most valuable types of backlinks a website can get is .edu backlinks. 

LinkyJuice is here to help you understand their concept and importance for a website. Besides, we will talk about the main and most effective strategies to build them!

What are Edu Backlinks?

The answer to the question “What are edu backlinks?” is simple. “Edu backlinks” are backlinks from educational websites that have .edu domains. Search engines like Google or Yahoo highly value them. What is the reason? Edu backlinks are highly authoritative, and more valuable than other backlinks because of their association with educational institutions. Link building is still up to date and edu backlink building is considered one of the most value driving niche strategies.

Significance and value

Let’s talk in detail about all the advantages they can give.  

  • Firstly, educational websites are more trustworthy than blog pages, and they can give additional authority to the page they are linking to: the more authority, the higher the rankings. Educational websites have an excellent reputation and high-quality backlink profiles that search engines cannot miss. 
  • Educational websites have their own target audience interested in specific scholarly content. So, backlinks from educational websites are a great way to drive relevant users to your website.
  • Edu profile backlinks don’t lose their quality over time. They are mainly hard to get, but they are worth it, as they will maintain their long-term value.  

Differentiation from other types

There are dozens of various features that differentiate education websites from others. Here are some of the main features:

  • Domain is the first thing you will notice. The high-level .edu domain shows the scholarly and educational concept of a website. Here is an example: 
  • Trustworthiness is another feature of an educational website. The information on a website with .edu domain is always high-quality and credible. Here is the backlink profile of the Harvard University website, which will tell a lot:

Imagine getting a backlink from this website! Do you know that it’s possible?

Benefits of Edu Backlinks for SEO

Are edu backlinks good? In the context of SEO .edu, backlinks are very important. The main reason is the high quality of .edu websites' backlink profiles. This way, the backlinks from education websites can contribute to the relevant site’s SEO more than simple backlinks. Indeed, not all .edu websites are high quality, but if they are, they can be beneficial in multiple areas: 

  • Website rankings on SERPs (search engine result pages).
  • Website traffic (organic and referral).
  • Website visibility and authority.

Disadvantages of Edu Backlinks

As mentioned before, getting backlinks from .edu websites is not that easy. Besides, there are more reasons why webmasters wouldn’t like to get .edu backlinks. Here are some of them:

  • Creating .edu backlinks is a very time-consuming and expensive process. Link builders should use specific link building strategies to build them.
  • Some .edu websites are not highly authoritative, so each must be carefully reviewed.    
  • The irrelevance of a backlink is higher with .edu websites. Not all contents can be directly relevant to education, scholarly topics, and concepts. 

Strategies for Acquiring Edu Backlinks

Now that you know the main benefits and disadvantages of getting .edu backlinks, let’s talk about the most effective strategies to get them. Only by examining all of them can you find the most suitable ones for you. So, let’s delve into the main strategies that really work:

  • Conduct Guest Posting on Educational Websites

The first strategy to get .edu backlinks is conducting guest posting on educational websites. How does this strategy go on? First, you should do detailed research to find educational websites related to your niche or specialty. Then, you must reach out with a personalized pitch for specific websites. Showing what kind of value you can offer is the most important thing. After you have accepted your pitch or topic, write high-quality content following the guidelines. Provide value and include backlinks to your website within the guest post. This is the most natural strategy to get .edu backlinks.

  • Try Local Link Building

The second and not less effective strategy is local link building. The point is to target educational websites of your local community and build links from those websites. Local link building can be conducted through content contributions, guest posting, or other main link building processes. 

  • Offer Discounts

Everyone loves discounts! Edu backlinks SEO can be conducted by offering discounts to the workers of educational organizations and institutions. For this strategy, you should contact the Human Resources department and make your offer. They are likely to appreciate the offer and may include a description of the discount on their website with a backlink to your business.

  • Mention Education Bloggers In Your Content

Mentioning education bloggers in your content is an effective strategy to get .edu backlinks. First, find influential bloggers and writers in your field of work. Write high-quality content that is connected to their experience. You can refer to their articles, case studies, or blog posts in your content. When your content is published, reach out to them and ask them to share your content. This way you can get backlinks and build relationships with authoritative writers and bloggers. So, this cooperation will be beneficial for both sides.

But how can you find them? Look for the bloggers on the educational institution's blog pages or the resources page. 

An excellent option is through advanced Google search. For instance, you can search for educational websites with (or .org, .gov, etc) suffixes in the search box. For a more accurate search result, you can use -filetype:pdf, to exclude books and files. This is a great way to find potential backlink opportunities. Here is an example:

  • Leverage Broken Link Building

The final widespread practice for getting edu profile backlinks is broken link building. Search for broken links on the educational sites of your niche. Broken links are the ones that don't work anymore. After finding those links, you can create content that matches it. After the creation, you can simply reach out to webmasters and make suggestions for your content. As a result, you can get a backlink and practical cooperation. 

Here is a simple way to find .edu backlink opportunities using Ahrefs Site Explorer. 

  • Access your Ahrefs account by logging in.
  • Utilize the search functionality to identify the target website from which you aim to get backlinks.
  • Navigate to the "Broken Links" section to locate potential opportunities.
  • Apply the necessary filters to refine the results according to your specified metrics, and then proceed to export the curated list.

There are dozens of effective strategies you can use; just don’t forget to keep up with trends and experiment to find the most suitable one for you.

Tools and Resources for Edu Backlink Analysis

Now, you must also know the tools and resources for finding and building .edu backlinks. Using link building tools is necessary if you want to do detailed research and make the link building process much more manageable. 

  • Backlink analysis tools 

Backlink analysis tools are helpful in finding and building educational backlinks. With tools like Moz and Ahrefs, you can see who’s linking to those websites. For instance, while checking educational websites with Moz, you can find that the majority of them have high Domain Authority.

This will lead to new potential opportunities for backlink creation. In addition, you can find out the quality of the backlinks and focus on the best opportunities out there. 

  • Google Search Console for Monitoring Backlinks

Google Search Console is the following tool you have to know about. It offers significant value in the process of monitoring backlinks, including educational ones. You can find which educational sites are linking to your content and the location of your website in the search results. This will help you not only find the existing opportunities but also improve the overall visibility of your website.

  • Educational Institution Directories and Databases

Finally, the largest resources that will help you find educational websites is the academic institution databases and directories. Mainly, they have various schools and institutions with their website URLs. 

This will ease the process of finding relevant websites that may link back to your website. Besides, some educational institution directories have search filters, which can help you narrow your searches. 

Best Practices for Maximizing Edu Backlink Value

To make the most out of your edu backlinks, there are some best practices you should follow:

  • Concentrate on the quality of the backlinks: If you have decided to get .edu backlinks, it’s better to have a few high-quality ones than many low-quality ones. This way, you will have a greater impact on your website’s authority. 
  • Create relevant links: Every backlink should be placed on the relevant content. Only this way will search engines understand and value the backlink. 
  • Focus on the anchor text: Use multiple anchor texts when building backlinks on educational websites. The anchor text should look natural. Otherwise you can get penalties from Google or other search engines.
  • Build good relationships with educational institutions: Finally, if you want to maximize .edu backlink value, you should build connections with them. The connections can lead to further backlink opportunities that are advantageous to both sides.


Quality is the key feature of a backlink. So, if you’re thinking about high-quality backlinks, .edu backlinks are essential and even necessary. Even though they take more time and effort to build than other types of backlinks, they can give many more benefits.

So, if you want to create high-quality and valuable backlinks, book a call with LinkyJuice! Link building is definitely not something you should save money on.

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